Wednesday, February 17, 2021 – Sunday, April 4, 2021
10.47.4 is a churchwide campaign where participants will spend approximately 10 minutes each day listening to passages in the gospels of Matthew, Luke, and John. Once a week, participants will watch a video depicting events as the text from the Book of Mark is read, then consider and answer a few questions. Participation in a weekly group meeting (either in-person or virtually) is encouraged. Each Sunday, Pastor will deliver a sermon related to the project. By Easter, participants will have saturated themselves in the Good News of Jesus by experiencing all four gospels!
Check out the following helpful links:
Pastor Mike and Pastor Matt have provided some informational videos that describe what 10.47.4 is all about.
Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the BIBLE.IS app.
Check out this short video for help navigating the app and discovering the listening plan schedule.
Visit the church’s Facebook page for links to the weekly videos to watch from the Book of Mark.
Download and print the Participant Guide.