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Welcome to  First Baptist Church of FloresvilleTexas. As Pastor/teacher my main responsibility is to help new and aged believers grow in their faith and help others to do the same. Let me share with you how this can be accomplished.

The Bible teaches the Security of the Believer. When one comes to know the Lord one passes from death to life and this event in time and space is irreversible. However, three tiers of the Christian life facilitated through the local CHURCH are vital to being effective for the Lord.

One tier is EVANGELISM. God has chosen for us to participate with Him in evangelism. It is therefore our Christian mandate to help people come to know the Lord (Matt 28:19). Everyone can be involved in evangelism at some level.  One level would be prayer. Certainly every Christian can pray for people who do not know the Lord. Another level would be sharing the gospel message with people through an intentional dialog. Over the past 20 years I have seen many people come to know the Lord at the kitchen table. Another level that can be an effective method of evangelism can be through the use of tracts (i.e., the waitress, the bank teller, bills paid through the mail, etc.). Through the simple gift of a tract to those we come into contact in our everyday lives we are able to share the complete gospel. We can also invite people to Christian functions such as Worship or Sunday school or to our homes for dinner where the gospel may be shared. Our financial support towards missions allows many people to come to Christ abroad as well. Finally, we share Christ by the way we live our lives in the community. For Christians to be effective the gospel must be shared.  The Church is all about LIFE and the sharing of that LIFE.

Another tier is DISCIPLESHIP. Simply put, DISCIPLESHIP is the practice of the Christian life. A Christian must learn how to live the Christian life (Titus 3:14). One must learn how for example, to tame one’s tongue, exhibit patience, endure, and give thanks in all things and for all things. One must learn how to control one’s thoughts and feelings. This practice is learned via the Scriptures and lived out by GRACE through FAITH. Christians must not only learn these truths they must teach them to others.

Lastly, FELLOWSHIP is a vital tier for living the Christian life (Acts 2:42). Our Lord instituted the CHURCH as a BODY.  We need to help each other, encourage each other, admonish each other and love each other in the Lord. As we care for our own bodies we should care for each other.

Practicing Evangelism, Discipleship, and Fellowship are three tiers of the Christian life that will allow the believer to not only stay in the race but finish the race (Hebrews 12:1-2). In these three ways we reach outside the church, inside the church and inside ourselves. All three ways when practiced properly allow the Lord to have His way in our lives and thereby give Him glory and honor. Should you be a seeker in respect to the Lord or should you already be a Christian we would covet the opportunity to help you in your life. You are welcome at First Baptist Church.

See you Sunday,


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